BMY Group offers Chinese investors access to a full range of investment opportunities in Australia, including Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Pre-IPO deals, securities, managed funds, private equity deals, stressed assets and more.


BMY Group provides its clients in-depth analysis and investment in a wide range of managed funds in Australia. Through our platform and advice you can compare and choose from thousands of managed funds to suit your requirement.

BMY Group also provides direct fund management services for investors to build tailored investment schemes, mainly focusing on industry funds, PE and VC funds, which are compliant for Significant Investment Visa (SIV) purpose as well.



BMY Group provides professional investment advice and service on Australian shares and securities, and portfolio management services for diversified investment holdings. The also group specializes in primary market transactions to maximize the value for its clients, typically participating in IPO and secondary share placements, as well as debt and other securities subscription.



BMY Group is deeply involved in investment into private equity and venture capital opportunities. Utilizing its strong expertise in industry and financial analysis, the group identifies unique Australian investment projects with high growth potentials.



One of the most important client groups for BMY Group is the 188C Significant Investor Visa (SIV) clients. The group offers them the top quality investment services to find the strictly compliant products to best suit their return-risk profile. As at the end of 2015, we already helped over 30 SIV investors to make successful SIV investments in Australia, total capital committed over 150 million AUD.

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