From online to offline, BMYG Group offers the best financial and investment portal in Australia for Chinese investors, enabling them to research, compare and invest. It is also the top choice for any corporation seeking to promote itself to Chinese HMWIs and institutions.

Fintech Integration is Australia’s top financial and investment website! Since its inception in 2009 (previously known as, we keep focusing on value, originality and professionalism. The website provided updated business and finance news, market research and expert opinion to over 200,000 online visitors in 2016.

More importantly, the portal provides a full suite of products and services for users to observe, filter, choose and directly make investments on the full range of products the Australian market has to offer. From all ASX stocks to more than 10,000 managed funds; from Chinese translations of Australia-wide property reports to finding the best mortgage on offer; we already have the most comprehensive suite on our portal.

In keeping with our promise to deliver the best portal to Chinese investors, we are continuously updating and improving the portal, with state-of-the-art robo-advisor tools, unique private investment opportunity offerings, and a full range of rates comparison still to come in the near future.


Multi-Platform Financial Media

Under the BMYG Media affiliate, we have a full range of media content on offer across multiple platforms. With main content provided on the website and app, we also offer in-depth analysis through our “AUSTRALIAN CHINESE FINANCIAL REPORT” (ACFR) magazine, in both digital and printed versions. Our in-house produced video programs and social media accounts already attract half a million viewers, with the figure growing exponentially every week.

From website to magazine; from online to offline; BMYG is Australia’s only media platform to provide full financial media and media business solutions. We provide: Roadshows, Investment seminars, CEO interviews, investment analysis reports and more.

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