BMYG Capital advises institutional Chinese investors and corporation on multi-asset Australian Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As), Initial Public Offering (IPOs), and other related advisory services.


BMY Group assists overseas Chinese companies and institutions to invest in and acquire Australian assets in a wide range of areas, mainly in mining, agri-business, consumer goods, technology, medical & biotech, environmental protection, and properties. The Group helps these institutional investors to find suitable assets and provides fair pricing in transactions to ensure maximum value creation.


Capital Raising

BMY Group works with local Australian companies in capital raising. Its past deals include both large listed companies’ debt or equity raising, and smaller private companies’ expansion capital raising. The group also provides these companies with capital raising structuring and other related consulting services.



BMY Group also provides listing services to help companies get listed through an IPO offering or back door listing across various Australian exchanges. With wide professional networks with Australian local exchanges, legal and accounting firms, and investment banks and brokers, the group offers a full range of listing services, including corporate advisory, underwriting, roadshows and marketing.

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